4C achieves full ISEAL membership

4C achieves full ISEAL membership

September 15, 2011 – The 4C Association graduated to Full Membership status in ISEAL, thereby joining the leading group of sustainability standards that have demonstrated their credibility through compliance with ISEAL Codes and accompanying good practices.

“The 4C Association is very proud to become a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and be part of a leading community of standard setting organisations. By achieving full ISEAL membership, the 4C Association has demonstrated that its standard setting process is credible, transparent and participatory”, stated Melanie Rutten-Sülz, Executive Director of the 4C Association.

4C Association began as a project in 2002 called the Common Code for the Coffee Community (CCCC) and is now an independent association made up of coffee producers, trade and industry, and civil society. The 4C Code of Conduct includes baseline requirements for the sustainable production, processing and trading of coffee and eliminates unacceptable practices. 4C requires continuous improvement and also helps growers step up from the sustainability baseline to more demanding standards.

As a full member of ISEAL, the 4C Association is adhering to the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice, which ensure that they are following a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process to guarantee that their standards result in measureable progress towards sustainability objectives without creating unnecessary barriers to trade. The process also ensures alignment with core disciplines of international trade law such as openness, due process and transparency.

“I would like to congratulate the 4C Association on reaching full membership status,” said Patrick Mallet, Credibility Director of ISEAL. “Through compliance with the ISEAL Codes, 4C is meeting the highest standards of credibility for sustainability standards.”

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