ADM-led project aims to boost Indonesian cocoa quality

ADM-led project aims to boost Indonesian cocoa quality

June 9, 2011 – Leading cocoa processor Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced it is kick-starting its Ivory Coast sustainable cocoa initiative – Serap – in Indonesia in a bid to boost cocoa quality from growers in that region.


Indonesia is the third largest cocoa growing nation in the world, with growers in Sulawesi the target of the programme, said ADM.

A spokesperson for the cocoa processor told that sustainability is essential to ensuring the long term future of the country’s cocoa industry.

“In Indonesia, cocoa farming is the main source of income for more than 600,000 smallholder farmers and their families, most of whom are located on the island of Sulawesi.”

Serap, which provides training and financial incentives to help cocoa farmers implement sustainable farming practices, will involve the collaboration of the Indonesian Cocoa and Coffee Research Institute (ICCRI), continued ADM.

As the consumer movement for sustainable and fair trade type products gains momentum, chocolate and cocoa suppliers are receiving more and more requests from customers for clarity in the supply chain.

The global commodities giant said that its confectioner customer base will gain through an additional source of certified sustainable cocoa products.

When asked about its five-year target for sustainable cocoa tonnage arising out of the programme in Indonesia, the ADM spokesperson said:

Tonnages are always difficult to forecast as the programme roll-out depends on many different factors. We do know that Serap participants achieve generally a higher standard of cocoa bean quality due to all the support provided through the programme.”


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