How much coffee for 30 percolators?

Coffee is a delicious and aromatic drink that is very popular all over the world. Traditionally roasted coffee beans are self-ground in a coffee grinder and cooked in a cezve. This process of preparing a hot drink allows you to preserve maximum taste and aroma, but at the same time, it takes a very long time. A much easier and faster way to brew delicious coffee is to use a coffee machine.

This technological unit successfully replaces cezve, and some models even a coffee grinder. The coffee machine retains all the aroma and rich taste of natural coffee, and anyone can use it without special knowledge and skills. All coffee machines are sold complete with comprehensive instructions that reveal all the capabilities of the device. Despite this, many people are worried about the question, “How much coffee should be put into the coffee machine, and can this figure be reduced?”


Consumption of coffee beans for different types of coffee machines

Before buying a coffee machine, you should think about the costs that will be required for it. In addition to the cost of the device itself, you will have to spend money on purchasing the right coffee and cleaning agents needed to get rid of limescale and superficial dirt. Buying quality coffee beans will become a regular item in the family budget. That is why many people want to know how much coffee a coffee machine uses in grams. Knowing this precisely will help you save money.

The cheapest type of coffee machine is drip. The essence of their work consists of heating water to a specific temperature and then getting it into a filter with ground coffee. Water is saturated with the taste and aroma of coffee beans and then drips into the coffee pot. How much coffee do you need per serving in a drip coffee machine? Pour 8-12 grams of ground coffee into the filter.

An espresso machine heats the water until steam is generated. Under pressure, steam passes through the layer of ground coffee beans, absorbing the aroma. One of the advantages of horn devices over drip coffee makers is the lower consumption of raw materials. So for one serving of coffee, you need 5-8 grams of ground beans. Thus, one 250 g packet of coffee is enough for about 40 servings of hot drink. To prepare a classic espresso, 7 grams of ground beans are enough, which corresponds to 1 heaped teaspoon. The volume of the finished drink will be 30 ml.

“An automatic coffee machine requires the same amount of raw materials as a carob machine.” Owners of capsule machines do not question how much coffee is needed per cup in a coffee machine. Usually, one capsule is required for one serving of hot drink. The strength of the drink can be adjusted using cups of different sizes. Each capsule contains the exact amount of coffee, sugar, and milk. If you use one capsule to prepare several servings, the drink will not have such a rich and rich taste.

You can buy refillable capsules to save on raw materials for your pod coffee machine, but they do not fit all devices. Manufacturers produce reusable capsules for coffee machines of the Nespresso, Lavazza, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto lines. Initially, this capsule contains coffee beans for one serving of the drink. After the first use, the capsule is opened, cleaned, and then coffee can be poured into it and sent back to the coffee machine.

So how much coffee for 30 percolators?

“The ideal amount of ground coffee you should use for your 30-cup percolator is 2 ½ cups (about half a pound). Also, for best results, aim for coffee that is ground explicitly for percolators.”

Coffee connoisseurs’ tips

It should be noted that the volume of beans for the preparation of one coffee drink is a relative indicator that depends on the taste preferences of each person. Many connoisseurs of strong coffee recommend pouring one tablespoon (11-12 grams) of raw materials into the coffee machine to prepare one serving of the drink. How many cups will a coffee machine make from 1 kg of coffee? About 80 cups. But such a dose cannot be called economical.

You can reduce the cost of raw materials for a coffee machine if you drink not very strong coffee. For example, if you add 7 g of raw materials to each serving of a refreshing drink, then 142 servings can be obtained from 1 kg of grains. When you add 5 g, the savings will be even higher: from 1 kg of raw materials, you will be able to prepare 200 portions.

All modern coffee machines come complete with instructions, which indicate the dosage of coffee beans for one serving of a refreshing drink. Many manufacturers include measuring spoons with their coffee makers, which facilitate the process of preparing coffee drinks.

Thus, the mass of beans poured into the coffee machine determines the strength of the hot drink. It is an individual indicator that depends on the taste preferences of each person. That is why, when calculating the mass of the raw material, you should first adhere to the numbers indicated in the instructions that come with the coffee machine. In the future, to obtain savings, you can gradually reduce the dose of coffee beans.

And remember, there is always room for experimentation – try different grains, change the grind size, try brewing coffee, put a few ice cubes or slices of frozen fruit in a flask so that the hot drink cools immediately and becomes especially sweet.

Finally, an interesting fact:

Filter coffee vs. Americano! It all started with American soldiers and their love for black filter coffee.

The drink, which is prepared in an espresso machine, was named “Americano” during the 2nd World War during Italy’s occupation by the US troops. American soldiers, who missed their homeland and black coffee, ordered an unusually strong “Espresso” for them in Italian cafes and diluted it with hot water to make the drink look like a filter coffee. Then the Italian baristas nicknamed him “Americano” (which means: American) and wrote down the recipe: “dilute the divine Espresso with boiling water beyond recognition.”

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