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How to make clear coffee?

Many people start their morning with a hot and refreshing cup of coffee. But the drink has its drawbacks. Because of it, yellow plaque remains on the teeth, and if handled carelessly, it stains clothes. To overcome these shortcomings, brothers from Slovakia developed the world's first clear coffee. The technology of "discoloration" is kept in the strictest confidence, as the drink's composition, the inventors only say that they had to spend three months of hard work and various gear for making pour-over coffee to obtain the result.
What is the name of clear coffee?
The drink is called

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The coffee-producing countries earn very little from the sale and export of their produce. Green coffee beans, a minimally processed product, accounts for approximately 95% of coffee exports. A large share of the profits in the coffee supply chain go to the middlemen and the large roasters. International coffee trading companies operate in the coffee-producing countries via joint ventures with local middlemen. Five large companies control this trade: Neumann and Volcafé (both based in Germany); Cargill; Decotrade (trading arm of Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts) and Taloca (owned by Philip Morris/Kraft), both based in Switzerland. International traders are likely to continue investing in operations in origin countries so as to meet the needs of major roasters....

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