How to make clear coffee?

Many people start their morning with a hot and refreshing cup of coffee. But the drink has its drawbacks. Because of it, yellow plaque remains on the teeth, and if handled carelessly, it stains clothes. To overcome these shortcomings, brothers from Slovakia developed the world’s first clear coffee. The technology of “discoloration” is kept in the strictest confidence, as the drink’s composition, the inventors only say that they had to spend three months of hard work and various gear for making pour-over coffee to obtain the result.

What is the name of clear coffee?

The drink is called CLR CFF. With such a label, you can buy bottles that look like ordinary water, but in fact, they contain light coffee.

The inventors claim that the drink is made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans. Also, in its manufacture, technologies are used that no one has used before. Besides the fact that the drink replaces traditional coffee due to its color, it is added to “light” cocktails as an additional ingredient.

The authors of this revolutionary development are from Slovakia. These are two brothers David and Adam Nagy. They do not want to share the secrets of their invention, so it is still unclear how they managed to remove the brown pigment from coffee.

How clear coffee is made?

The drink is sold in beautiful minimalist bottles with a volume of 200 ml. It is recommended to drink it chilled. It looks like water. It is known that 100 g of clear coffee contains 50 g of caffeine. The developers say that the main component of coffee is Arabica beans. They say practically nothing about the cooking method.

The only thing one of the brothers shared was that the grains are roasted. After that, they undergo another treatment, which takes one week. According to him, the preparation, taking into account the ready-made grains, takes about three hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

This fantastic novelty’s main advantage is that the transparent liquid does not stain the teeth at all, which cannot be said about the traditional drink.

Announcers and actors, TV presenters, and people who, on duty, have to communicate a lot with strangers are afraid of plaque on their teeth. But if you choose (or have to choose) the latter between a cup of delicious coffee and the whiteness of your teeth, then great news has appeared for you. The point is this: two brothers, Slovaks working in Britain, managed for the first time in the world to develop a technology that eliminates this main drawback of coffee, they created a completely transparent coffee that will not leave marks on clothes and will not “tint” your snow-white smile.

You can buy coffee in grocery stores in Britain and Slovakia. Such an innovative development is suitable for those who choose the first option between a beautiful, snow-white smile and coffee. Brothers from Slovakia have found an excellent solution that does not require a choice. You can enjoy your favorite drink every day and not worry about the aesthetics of a smile.

By the way, a trial batch (rather large) was sold out in Britain in a few minutes. Today it is already possible to order a drink. Still, it will take about a month to wait after payment since the creators did not count on such a demand, and their capacities do not yet allow producing a drink in sufficient quantities. The price is not so exorbitant – two and a half pounds for a 200-gram jar.

In addition to this advantage, natural Arabica liquid has several other bonuses. Contains no preservatives, sweeteners, or stabilizers.

Besides, it is convenient to take it with you everywhere. It cools well during a hot summer when a person wants to freshen up and needs a lot of energy. But a traditional drink will not work in this case, because you don’t want to drink hot coffee in summer.

Clear coffee has become extremely popular even though it appeared not so long ago and is sold only in some countries. But besides a lot of advantages, there is one drawback, but a significant one. It is challenging to prepare a drink on your own at home, so making clear coffee in the morning to recharge your batteries for the whole day is difficult. It’s much easier to buy it.

CLR CFF is a revolutionary beverage with a secret recipe. The developers have a technology that removes brown pigment from coffee but still contains caffeine.

A little more about the history of clear coffee

For the first time, they started talking about such coffee in 2016 – it was the launch of the Clear coffee project. The main emphasis was on the fact that your teeth will not lose their whiteness. The project site is currently down. The creators did not reveal the secret of creating the drink. For 100 ml of the drink, they promised 50 mg of caffeine and one calorie.

In 2021, you will no longer be surprised by transparent drinks in a can of caffeine. James Hoffmann has several reviews of this colorless coffee. As a rule, he criticizes taste. For example, in the review caffeine water:

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About the taste of the drink

Last summer, I tried this drink for the first time: the taste of coffee is felt, but the brain refuses to believe it because of the transparent color.

We decided to make a variation of everyone’s favorite coffee-based lemonades. However, when they began to work out the recipes, they realized that the drink plays with new tastes if we remove the central part from the coffee – oils and undissolved particles – and leave the part responsible for aromatics.

It is how our coffee hydrolat was born. This is a secondary distillate, fragrant (florentine) water formed during the steam distillation of vegetable (usually essential oil) raw materials.

Making clear coffee

One teaspoon of natural ground coffee, 0.5 glass of water.

Brew one teaspoon of natural ground coffee with half a glass of boiling water, cover the dishes, and put it on the edge of the stove. After 30 minutes, squeeze the coffee through a napkin and let it stand for 30 minutes. The clear infusion is used for its intended purpose, for which one spoon of infusion is added to boiling water. They are used to flavor some confectionery products.


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